( NEW) Monthly Maintenance Report

In response to many  requests from residents and in an effort to improve the transparency of the governance of the Sevilla Community, we are providing an outline of work completed each month.  This column provides the answer, in part, to the question, “How are my HOA dues spent?”  I think that you will be able to see that many projects are needed each month to keep our community healthy and vibrant.  Check this site each month for a complete run-down on active and completed projects.  You will find the link on the top and right navigation bars.

Sevilla Homeowner Complaint Form

In response to suggestions by residents, we have built a forum for you to submit your concerns to us.  This form, when submitted, goes directly to a Board member.  The link to this form is also on both the top navigation bar and under Sevilla Links on the right.  We will be able to compile data from your concerns and use the data to make decisions to better drive the community in a positive direction.

Click on  –> Complaint Form

Neighborhood Hero

Bird RescueThanks Britt for rescuing this water bird.  Your actions embody the attitude toward wildlife that should guide our lives.  Thanks to you, we will all be able to continue to enjoy seeing this little guy and his friends around our community.